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“I get to travel around the country and see cities I’ve never seen before and I’m performing a show I really love and I am passionate about,” he says, adding he hopes to find time to see friends in Ann Arbor and attend a class or two. “There’s something about live theater that will never get old to me. I love it.”


"Playing Connor, Ian Coursey convincingly captured the battle against mental health that would ultimately lead him to take his own life. Through his vocals and mannerisms, Coursey dictated the energy of each of his scenes."


I love doing 'Sincerely, Me''s such a fun song to sing. Being up there with my buddies, doing what we love to do, and singing a great song is always so much fun.


"Coursey was called to New York City right after his sophomore year... He was happily pursuing his studies at U of M when he got the call. Within a few weeks, he was rehearsing in New York with Michael Grief, the original director. As Coursey said, “I had no intention of leaving school. This fell into my lap, but I’m learning an incredible amount on the road with this cast and crew.” DEH is his first professional contract."

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